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Wedding Bling Cupcakes


Do I Trust You


Well OK I Trust That We Will Always Have Fun


A Heartfelt Thanks to our Friends and Family


This About Sums it Up


The End


Bubble Fun


Reynolds - Hanson Clan


We Aren't a Very Stable Group


Reynolds Family


Our Moms


Hanson Family


The Most Whimsical Wedding Party Ever!


The Happy Couple


This Wedding Made Possible by the Love of Carol and Linda


Flower Angels


Spreading Rose Petals

The Comfort of Mom's Arms

Rose Petals in the Air

Rockin' the Vest


Reverend LynneA


Listening to Deepak Chopra recite the Ode to Solomon


Gorgeous Day for a Wedding


The Beautiful Bride Waiting Her Turn


Iris Leading the Kazoo Band with her Flute


Kazoos Playing Here Comes the Bride


Irena Making her Entrance to the Kazoo Cacophony


Mother of the Groom Blessing Our Rings


Mother of the Groom Threatening to Steal the Rings


Irena Vowing to Let Me Win the Grands Next Time


Irena and Bill Hang Dai


Shared Vows


The Symbol of Our Love


Carrying the Blessings of our Loved Ones With Us Always


First Kiss Surprise


The Trophy Presentation


Consummate Trophy Kiss


Getting Ready

More pics from the wedding. These pics focus on getting ready.

Kirestin Getting Ready

Cherie and Gisele Getting Ready

Lavonne and Lily Getting Ready

Three Angels

There's No Place Like Home

Butterfly in D's Hair

A Glowing Ramona

Kim Helping Irena Get Ready

Ladies in Waiting

Cousin Bill Sharing a Laugh With the Ladies

One Happy Guy

All the Pretty Ladies in White

Stealing a Quiet Moment

The Best Day Ever

For all of our friends and family that made our wedding day so special, THANKS!

Over a month later and we are still riding the emotional high from that splendeferous day! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. There is a bunch to post, so they will come in groups. Check back every so often for more.

Scenic Beach State Park Wedding Day

Emel House

Wedding Balloons

Whimsical Flowers

Trophy Wife Pale Ale - The Offical Brew of Irena and Bill's Wedding!


Wedding Flowers

Whimsical Colors


Flowers and Hood Canal

Dan's Magical Hat

Ring Pillow and Vow Scrolls

… a gathering to celebrate the good things in life: friends, family, love and thanks to your positive energy, looks like we have some awesome weather on tap too. Current forecast 69 degrees and mostly sunny!

Here is some contact info for guests to touch base if needed when they get in town.

Irena & Bill’s Home Number: 360-372-2522

Bill’s Personal Cell: 602-326-6341

Bill’s Work Cell: 206-920-3149

Irena’s Cell: 360-362-6454

Linda’s Home: 360-307-0179

Linda’s Cell: 360-981-4545

Carol: 360-990-3975

Here is a rough timeline for the weekend


AM: Gals to Pikes Market, Guys Uber Paradise (Irena and Bill’s place) & running misc errands

Afternoon: Gals @ Linda’s Arranging Flowers, Guys Uber Paradise & running misc errands

Evening: Gals & Guys Uber Paradise Dinner and final prep, will also be making a run out to Scenic Beach State Park when flower girls arrive in evening


AM: Irena and Bill getting ready, helpers delivering and starting set up at Scenic Beach State Park

Afternoon: 2:00 pm Ceremony, then Party!

Evening: 6:00-7:00 ish, break down party, open invitation to Uber Paradise for Camp Fire hangout after


AM: Open invitation for Brunch with the newlyweds at Uber Paradise


See all y’all next week!

Irena and Bill

Next Up – Party Time

Irena, myself and a whole bunch of good friends and family are putting the finishing touches on what will surely be a most joyous celebration. The big date, July 30th is now less than two weeks away!

We just got back from our Honeysun (not a Honeymoon, because they are done after the wedding) and we had an incredible time. For a week and a half, Irena and I explored Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We focused on ancient spiritual sites highlighted by experiencing the power of Newgrange and Calanais. Here is one of my favorite pictures from Calanais.

The Standing Stones of Calanais, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

After our cross countries exploring (if this is Tuesday this must be Oban) we wrapped up the Honeysun in grand fashion joining Jamie Kiguchi and a whole slew of friends at Dundas Castle in Edinburgh. If was the perfect way to wrap up our adventure in the lap of luxury.

Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Now that we have recovered from the jet lag, we are all focused on dotting ‘I’s and crossing ‘T’s for the big day.

Flower girl dresses have been delivered and the girls all look like angels. 

RSVPs continue to roll in. We are up over 110 people and so far the most Seussically awesome reply goes to our dear friends in Vancouver, B.C., Eric and Julie Startup. They not only replied (unfortunately that they can’t make it) in Seusical prose, they even printed it on velum, like the original invites and attached that to the reply card. Julie and Eric (yes for those of you keeping track their first names are ironic) despite missing the ceremony will still be part of the summer of love as we will be enjoying our Honeymoon at their B&B in Deep Cove the weekend after our wedding.

Tri-Tip and Chicken has been prepped and spiced and is sealed away in the freezer to be thawed right before the BBQ. Augmenting our own wine collection, Matty B has provided us with a case of wine from his winery, Cordon Creek. Looks like Matty dug into his own private collection as we got 2002 vintage! We also picked up some White Zin and Pinot Grigio to round out the wine options. On the beer front, we of course have the home brewed Three Bitches Brew and Trophy Wife Pale Ale. For people that enjoy a slightly lighter fare of beer, we also have some Coronas and some Coors Light. Last thing to really prep from the BBQ side is the veggie kabobs. Also on the BBQ front, we have assembeld a virtual who’s who of master BBQ talent to man the fire! Wild Bill, Slim Jim, Mike the Master and Brendan the Brave will be seeing that our Roast Beast and Veggie kabobs come out perfect. 

People continue to contribute to World Vision as our gift registry. Thanks to you all that have contributed generously.

I may have misled some folks into thinking I had reserved their rooms for them, partially due to the fact that I was a bit confused on how the whole process worked. So if you haven’t booked a room for yourself, neither have I, so you better get on it. If you need help and don’t want to be misled again, I would suggest talkin to Irena 😉

The focus I need from all of you for the next two weeks is to put all of your positive energy into the perfect weather day.

See ya in a couple of weeks


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